How is minting a NFT on Pictta different from uploading a photo on Instagram?

Having uploaded your photo (or any form of media) on Pictta, you will be able to mint it into a NFT (non-fungible token), an unique token-form asset that lives on blockchain. You can easily sell the ownership of your digital creation (i.e. the photo) to someone else by transferring the NFT through few clicks on the app (governed by smart contracts behind the scene) - which almost experiences like selling a canvas painting on eBay.

So I've uploaded my photo as NFT on Pictta. How can I monetize it?

When you upload your photo on Pictta, a NFT will be minted with the photo as the underlying asset. You can go on to set a price for a direct sale or auction in the app for this particular photo (i.e. NFT), and patiently wait for the buyers to turn up. Once there is an offer made by an interested buyer and accepted by you, the purchase will be completed via blockchain smart contracts, which acts a trustless agent to your transaction, making sure NFT will be transferred based on the receipt of buyer's fund.

Am I earning crypto or fiat currency for my NFT? How can I cash out?

All the NFTs minted via Pictta are denominated in USD. Upon selling your NFT, you will receive Pictta's USD stablecoins (i.e. in form of cryptocurrency) pegged to USDC (a brand of USD stablecoin created by You can exchange Pictta's USD stablecoins into USDC anytime and withdraw the USDC fund to your external wallet. Alternatively, you can also directly cash out your USD earnings via bank wire transfer on your Pictta account page.

I'm interested in buying a NFT. How can I pay for it?

Purchasing a NFT can't be easier with Pictta! There are two ways you can do it:
1) Purchase directly with a credit card (transaction currency will be determined in USD).
2) Deposit USDC into your Pictta account and pay with it.

We do not accept other crypto such as ETH or BTC.